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Work gets under way on the Parc du Peuple de l’herbe

The first phase of work on the two-year project began in early November. The 113ha site will progressively be developed along the principles presented during the public inquiry conducted in early 2013.The first phase of work, from November 2013 to summer 2014, comprises the eastern section of the park near Rue de la Reine Blanche, […]

A standard-setting eco-district

This eco-district is being built for two reasons: to protect biodiversity in the many natural areas surrounding Carrières-sous-Poissy, and to encourage eco-construction, whose industry flagship and promotional centre is Fabrique 21


On Friday 6 September, architecture students and recent graduates from around the world came to visit the Coeur vert as part of the Ateliers de Cergy workshop.

PROLIPHYT plantation

While work progresses on the first operational phase, trials are under way to select the most suitable plants for phyto-remediation and biomass production.

Coeur vert Phase 1 progress update

Work on clearing Phase 1 of the Cœur vert project, which began in August 2013 under a public works contract, is in the finalisation stage. Clearing was carried out selectively in order to maintain the existing ecological continuity formed by the copses and former orchards.