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The definition of the Eco-port project evolves as the final engineering design progresses

The definition of the Eco-port project evolves as the final engineering design progresses. The latter will make it possible to specify, in detail, how the dock should be redeveloped to accommodate more barges in a totally rehabilitated setting. All of the banks will be redesigned to allow dense vegetation to grow on gentler slopes, more suitable to the development of ecological diversity. It will take the right ecological engineering techniques for barges and these ecological and landscaping developments to be able to coexist in harmony.

Le Cœur vert – shortly to enter Phase 1

After a trial phase still in progress today, and the current structuring of economic networks, the first phase of the project will kick off this summer with clearing and preparing the land. Ultimately the project’s 57 hectares will offer a patchwork of flowering meadows and miscanthus crops, not forgetting the paths created for pedestrians.

Bird’s-eye view of the Parc du Peuple de l’herbe

The park’s preview developments are nearing completion. The concept of a “preview development” is designed to give visitors an idea of what the park will be like when it is finished. This section already illustrates the theme of insect life and the park’s ecological and recreational/educational character.

SeineCityPark: the top French project for the 2011 European Life+ programme

The SeineCityPark project – a joint effort by the Communauté d’agglomération 2 Rives de Seine and the Conseil général des Yvelines in liaison with the town of Carrières – was selected as one of the award-winners in the LIFE+ 2011 call for proposals. In the European Commission’s ranking, the SeineCityPark project tied for first place with the Conseil général de la Gironde in France. The Life+ programme co-finances innovative pro-environmental projects, bringing them not only funding but also European-wide recognition.