Presentation of the environmental engineering and consultancy firm ECOREM s.a.

ECOREM s.a. is an independent, multidisciplinary engineering and consulting firm specialised in a variety of environmental areas. Founded and developed on an integrated, multidisciplinary approach, the ECOREM s.a. engineering consultancy is constantly searching for tailored solutions to all your environmental problems or challenges.

As a specialised consultancy and a benchmark in the environmental sector, our company addresses the needs of both public and private-sector stakeholders on a regional and international scale. Operating in the three Belgian regions and internationally, we hold all of the accreditations required by Belgian policy makers to carry out the various types of study: environmental impact studies (including Natura2000-compliant assessments), feasibility studies, regional studies and soil studies (contamination, audits, etc.). We also hold numerous international references. Our consultancy’s proven expertise has been demonstrated in a variety of national and international projects in regional development, logistics, river or maritime ports, and waterway networks.

To provide top-quality service, ECOREM s.a. relies on an in-house team of specialised experts with the experience needed to successfully carry out all of your environmental projects. Team members are professionals in the areas of contaminated soil, water, waste, natural resources and ecosystems, regional planning and regional diagnosis, the climate and energy.

As a result, ECOREM s.a. can swiftly put together a professional team that will take charge of every aspect of your project, including engineering, interim and final reporting, the drafting of specifications, administrative management of your project, and delivering and monitoring your projects. Our thorough knowledge of the stakeholders and our extensive contacts in the various government agencies mean we can handle every aspect of your project in a minimum time frame.

And because ECOREM s.a. operates internationally, in Europe (France, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc.), the Balkans, Asia (Sri Lanka, the Philippines, etc.) and Africa (Ghana, Dem. Rep. of Congo, etc.), we are perfectly equipped to manage your international projects: we are familiar with international environmental law and speak a variety of foreign languages (project management and performance, travelling, coordination of outside partners, if necessary).

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