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Flora and fauna assessments on 17 and 18 September 2014

The partner Ecorem carried out the second round of the flora and fauna assessments on 17 and 18 September 2014 within the framework of the actions for monitoring the impact of actions implemented by the SeineCityPark project on the natural environment and ecological system. The assessments made it possible to continue to monitor the impacts […]

Eco-port : Finalising the preliminary design studies

The preliminary design studies were finalised in June 2014. They mainly focused on the checks and technical details of the development choices. In addition, work was carried out to pinpoint the ecological areas to be recreated and restored within the framework of the project. For example, a sand/gravel beach intended for fish fauna and to […]

The preliminary design studies for the Ecoport project were presented in December 2013

The main progress points concerned the detailed descriptions of the various port facilities and the platform itself (excavation and reinforcement of the banks and level areas, river facilities for loading and unloading, water development and ecological engineering projects, etc.). Alongside these “technical” studies, certain sectors that were as yet unmapped had to be defined more […]