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Work gets under way on the Parc du Peuple de l’herbe

The first phase of work on the two-year project began in early November. The 113ha site will progressively be developed along the principles presented during the public inquiry conducted in early 2013.The first phase of work, from November 2013 to summer 2014, comprises the eastern section of the park near Rue de la Reine Blanche, […]

Preview developments installed at the Parc du Peuple de l’herbe

Preview developments for the Parc du Peuple de l’herbe have been installed on the park’s future active strip and are already illustrating the park’s theme of insect life. This 113ha recreational and landscaped park is one of the largest eco-projects undertaken by the Conseil général and its various partners, the CA2RS and the town of Carrières-sous-Poissy.

Bird’s-eye view of the Parc du Peuple de l’herbe

The park’s preview developments are nearing completion. The concept of a “preview development” is designed to give visitors an idea of what the park will be like when it is finished. This section already illustrates the theme of insect life and the park’s ecological and recreational/educational character.