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Ecopôle: ALSEI creates a business village

CA2RS and EPAMSA have selected real-estate developer ALSEI to create a 7,000m2 business village in the Ecopôle green business district in Carrières-sous-Poissy/Triel-sur-Seine (78). Work will begin in 2016, at the same time as the development of the southern part of the integrated development zone, near the Fabrique 21. On the list of things to do: […]

Biomis 3G association: significant advances for the development of a miscanthus industry in the Seine-Aval area

The inaugural round table discussion on the “development of a miscanthus industry in the Seine-Aval area” took place on 19 June at the head office of the CA2RS. It brought together the partners involved with the Biomis 3G association: local farmers, cooperatives, manufacturers (PSA, Calcia) and elected representatives. Discussions focused on present and future developments […]

Approving the building of public facilities by the Yvelines prefect

Pursuant to the prefectoral order of 14 April 2014 and in view of the findings of the impact study, the Yvelines prefect approved the building of public facilities (highways, networks, Château Vanderbilt park, area of ecological interest, etc.) at the “Ecopôle Seine Aval” integrated development zone (ZAC) in Carrières-sous-Poissy and Triel-sur-Seine. Designed as a business […]