Cœur Vert

mise-en-cultureInitiating phase 1 of Cœur Vert

The plain takes on a new aspect with the Cœur Vert.

The completion of the first operational phase of work (57 hectares) marks a turning point in the development of the Coeur Vert project. The project will take place in three phases covering a total surface area of 300 hectares. Stemming from a desire to reclaim the abandoned spaces of the plain in Andrésy, Carrières-sous-Poissy, Chanteloup-les-Vignes and Triel-sur-Seine, Cœur Vert aims to enhance the site’s landscape and create new economic networks.

Following the boring operations, and the clearing and preparation of the agricultural land carried out since 2013, phase 1 of the Cœur Vert work continued in the past few months over a 57-hectare area between the RD22 and the RD55 departmental roads. At a cost of €1.2 million, the latest developments covered several components, including the restoration of farm tracks and footpaths (2 kilometres), with the installation of wooden posts and barriers. In order to ensure the ecological continuity between the agricultural areas and the Hautil wood to the north, 2 hectares of hedges were created along the paths. In addition, a protective ditch around the perimeter was dug and plants for eco-friendly water management were installed. The vitality of the first “shoots” already highlights the successful soil preparation work started in 2013.


The irrigation work was carried out on 24 hectares. This involved creating networks to carry the water and allow sprinkling, and building the associated facilities such as the pumping station, the “buffer” tank and the connection to the well bored in March 2013. Maize will be sown on the irrigated land straight away. The other surfaces will play host to a patchwork of plants (wildflower meadow, switch grass, short rotation coppice), thereby fostering biodiversity. Miscanthus will be grown at a later stage, in early 2015, on 14 hectares of land. The “industrial and economic” component of the Cœur Vert will then follow.