Initiatives undertaken


The SeineCityPark LIFE+ project comprises the following initiatives:

  • Create a green resource area to serve as the first link in the green network: this involves developing a natural area to the south of the loop, set between the urban fringe of Carrières-sous-Poissy and the Seine. A number of developments will be carried out to reinforce its ecological and landscape function in the future network: redesign the banks, create natural environments such as channels and ponds, plant phyto-purifying species to clean up the water in the ponds, use phyto-remediation to clean up the soil, build pedestrian paths using disabled-accessible decking, etc. A programme has also been introduced to control the invasive species on the site. These initiatives will bolster the site’s role as a biodiversity reservoir for the whole of the Chanteloup loop. They will will also help visitors  claim back  the Seine and the river landscape.
  • Work on:
  • The transition from the town to the park’s natural area, which will take the form of an “active strip” combining human activities and a gentle transition to the natural environment;
  • The transition between the park’s natural area and the bank of the Seine, which will be developed to provide a view over the river.
  • Creating an urban fabric that spans the Chanteloup loop, to help develop an ecological and landscape backbone while at the same time developing paths for pedestrian and cycle traffic between the Seine, the park, the Nouvelle Centralité, the Coeur vert and the Hautil wood. The landscape and ecological developments will make it possible to connect up the open spaces and the urbanised areas.
  • Environmental education initiatives. To encourage citizens to take part in the SeineCityPark LIFE+ project, various learning activities will be organised, such as building and installing bird perches and insect hotels, or carrying out nature projects, etc.

The European Commission’s contribution through to 2017 will come to around €1.8 million, broken down as follows:

  • Parc du Peuple de l’herbe project, subsidised by LIFE+ to the value of €1.2 million for the département;
  • Coeur vert project and its continuation in the ZAC Nouvelle Centralité, subsidised by LIFE+ to the value of €199,000 for the Communauté d’Agglomération 2 Rives de Seine;
  • Eco-port des 2 rives de Seine project, subsidised by LIFE+ to the value of €346,000 for Ports de Paris;

Project monitoring by ECOREM, subsidised by LIFE+ to the value of €56,000

The Conseil départemental des Yvelines is project coordinator.

SMSO, EPAMSA (ZAC Nouvelle Centralité and Ecopôle) and the municipality of Carrières-sous-Poissy are also involved in their capacity as technical partners.


The SeineCityPark LIFE+ project will run from August 2012 to July 2017.