Work is beginning in the eastern section of the park, which runs alongside Rue de la Reine Blanche

2The promenade providing the transition between the city and the natural area is being built. It is dotted with trees (ash, oak, ornamental apple, willow trees, etc.) and interspersed with games and relaxation areas. The clearing of this area now offers new views from the centre of the park. The eastern bank of the La Galiotte pond was developed to create a gently sloping bank suitable for planting wetland plants. Various types of natural wetland environments have been planted, suitable for dragonflies, amphibians, fish and birds that nest in reed marshes. This is the first stage of work on the ecological restoration of the two ponds in the park.

At the end of the summer, work got underway to develop the 400-metre stretch of Seine riverbank between the La Galiotte pond and Vieille Ferme pond in order to create an alluvial beach. In terms of landscaping, the creation of a beach, by softening the access to the Seine, makes it possible to see the river and what goes on (changes in water level, the passing of barges, etc.).
The alluvial beach, which will provide one of the wetland transitions between land and water, is split into two distinct sections:
– the eastern section will be inaccessible to people except for the concealed observation platform providing a discrete means of looking at the fauna;
– the western section will be accessible to the general public, with duckboards providing a means of traversing the wetlands to the Seine.

The end of 2014 will see work get underway on the central part of the park, with work beginning on the picnic area and work continuing with the development of the banks of the La Galiotte pond on the western and northern section. The backfill from the alluvial beach will be used for these developments. The banks are cleared before being softened and prepared for the future planting of typical species found in wetland areas. This work will be beneficial for a varied range of flora and fauna.

Building on the work underway on the alluvial beach, the Conseil général des Yvelines is beginning to plant species along the banks of the Seine and in the central part of the park (ash, willow, alder, etc.). At the same time, work along Rue Marcel Touboul has got underway between Rue des Ecoles and Rue David to develop soft traffic routes. This work will not have an impact on the traffic in these roads, as it is being carried out within the confines of the park.