Parc du Peuple de l’herbe: the work continues

11/ Work continues at the Observatoire in the Parc du Peuple de l’herbe

With the Maison des Insectes finished, attention has turned to building the Observatoire. Following the installation of the steel frame last June, the installation of the stairs, scheduled for this summer, has been extended a little. Work to cover the structure recommenced at the end of October and will be finished by the end of December. As with the Maison des Insectes, wood is a key material used to give the impression of little houses stacked together. Architects from the AWP agency who are in charge of the project, were keen to interpret the characteristic shapes of traditional houses, a type of accommodation present on both banks of the river. The 12-metre-high Observatoire, located on the edge of the La Galiotte pond, will offer visitors a 360° view over the expansive landscape of the plane, the winding river Seine and the surrounding hills. From this exceptional vantage point, the natural beauty of the Parc du Peuple de l’herbe can be admired by all.


2/ Work starts again on the active strip!

Earthworks on the promenade or active strip have been underway again since the beginning of November to guarantee the continuity of the already-completed segments along the Avenue Marcel Touboul and Chemin de Beauregard. This will then allow the cycle lane and pedestrian footpath to be surfaced.


23/ Work on the banks comes to an end

The paths were planned out and then laid. Seedlings and saplings will be planted from December onwards.


4/ The Parc takes delivery of its first trees for the November 2015 – March 2016 planting campaign

Topsoil was delivered to the site and spread out. The holes for planting the trees are currently being dug.

In total, 216 trees will be planted this winter in the heart of the Parc, plus additional seedlings and saplings.


5/ Work in the area of the Vieille Ferme pond to start in January 2016

3The active strip will be extended along Avenue Marcel Touboul to where it meets Avenue Vanderbilt, and the banks of the Vieille Ferme pond will also be developed. The pond banks are currently very straight and steep. There are very few shallows to promote the growth of aquatic vegetation. The work carried out will aim to diversify the flora and maximise biodiversity. Small pools will be dug into the south bank and the side of the bank will be made less steep and undulating. Several new types of wetlands will be created in addition to the deeper water: varied flats with pools, ditches, thickets and copses stretching into vast reed beds along the banks.