Ergapolis Multidisciplinary Competition Launch

Ergapolis is a competition to create both synergies and a common culture for sustainable development among students coming from different disciplines, who are the city’s future actors and builders. Ergapolis calls for a reflective study on the sustainable city’s new issues.

The 7th season of the multidisciplinary Ergapolis competition began its second phase on the Green Heart as well as two other planning projects in Rouen’s Metropolis with urbanism, architecture, engineering, economy, sociology and geography students.

Their work on the Green Heart project will permit planning orientations that integrate the biomass sector’s (miscanthus) developmental objectives, urban transition issues with both existing and in-progress urbanized areas, environmental issues of phytoremediation and ecological continuum, social issues regarding landscape valorization spaces, and patrimonial issues of agricultural history’s valorization of the site (old networks and water-spreading weirs).

On November 25, 2016, the first grounds tour took place with all students as well as with the Estelle Forget competition organizers, Michel Fanni and Fanny Albrieux.

In groups, the students will work on the orders to win the prize, the awards scheduled for May 2017.

In the context of the Appel à Manifestation d’Intérêt 2015-2020, the multidisciplinary competition has been given subsidys, “Ecological transition and economical valorization” as its theme, which was provided by ADEME within the framework of the Plan Interrégional État-Régions de la Vallée de la Seine’s contract.