The Green Heart…

Closing ceremony of the ERGAPOLIS competition.

At the end of April, after five months of hard work, three teams submitted their completed proposals.
An event was held on May 18th to display the entries and announce the team selected by the jury of experts and VIPs tasked with the development of the Seine valley. The winning team was Team SEINOGRAPHIE.

Team SEINOGRAPHIE’s design puts the Seine at centre stage. The team has taken the concept of an eco-city to lead us progressively towards a notion of landscape culture as being central to sustainability. Drawing inspiration from the concept of guided urban development that was explored in the MIT “site and infrastructure” planning workshop, a network of green spaces becomes the driving force for enhancing and developing the landscape.
The high quality of the team’s work was evident in their creativity and ingenuity which went far beyond what might be expected given their level of experience.
The entries of the two other teams were also of considerable interest, drawing upon sociology and the concept of mobility versus immobility.
Discussions between the team and Ergapolis are now underway for the next phase.