Presentation of the Grand Paris Seine & Oise urban community (GPSEO)

“Grand Paris Seine & Oise” came into existence on 1st January 2016 as a result of the merging of six inter-municipal authorities, and is the first urban community in France.Grand-Paris-Seine-Oise

The area’s assets include 500 km² (193 square miles), more than 400,000 inhabitants and 73 communes, clustered around the urban centres of Mantes-la-Jolie, Les Mureaux and Poissy, and it is linked to the capital by the A14, the A13, and the RER E EOLE train line will be arriving in 2022. This means that “Grand Paris Seine & Oise” is one of the strategic links in the Greater Paris area and is at the heart of the major projects underway in the Seine Valley. The aeronautical, motor and robotics industries, eco-construction, agriculture, instrument-making and higher education all mean that the area is a laboratory for innovation.

The “Grand Paris Seine & Oise” urban community is chaired by Philippe Tautou, the Mayor of Verneuil-sur-Seine, it has 129 community councillors and operates in a number of key areas of jurisdiction, including mobility and travel, economic development, planning, the living environment, roads, culture, sport, environment, waste, water and sanitation.

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