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A nature trail in the Coeur Vert

Following on from the landscaping and agricultural work inaugurated in July 2014 during phase 1 of the Cœur Vert, a nature trail comprising six information panels was installed in late September along the phase 1 paths with a view to informing the general public about the following: – The site’s agricultural history – The goals […]

Nine tonnes harvested at Cœur Vert

The experimental plot of miscanthus (7 ha) resulted in nine tonnes of dry matter being harvested last April. The dry matter was used for mulching as well as a test in the boiler room at La Fabrique 21, a commercial property devoted to eco-construction at Carrières-sous-Poissy. The test was successful and discussions are underway in […]

An irrigation network for planting

During phase 1, inaugurated in July 2014, additional hedges are set to be planted in early December to replace those which did not survive. In the agricultural areas, miscanthus is set to be grown over a 14-hectare area in March 2015.