Le Cœur vert – shortly to enter Phase 1

projet coeur vert

After a trial phase still in progress today, and the current structuring of economic networks, the first phase of the project will kick off this summer with clearing and preparing the land. Ultimately the project’s 57 hectares will offer a patchwork of flowering meadows and miscanthus crops, not forgetting the paths created for pedestrians.

Situated between the RD22 and the RD55 departmental roads in the Carrières-sous-Poissy and Andrésy municipalities, Phase 1 of the Coeur vert project is based on a landscaping and agricultural project. The aim is to revitalise farming on these parcels, mainly by introducing miscanthus or maize. A total of 15 hectares will be planted in 2015.

The existing orchards will be maintained and the wooded hedges will be built up along a north-south axis to guide the creation of paths, create ecological corridors and maintain biodiversity. Other plants, selected for their ability to prepare and/or revitalise soil, will be introduced, such as mustard and maize.