Irrigation work and landscaping: the plain takes on a new aspect with the Cœur Vert

Phase 1 work on the Cœur Vert is continuing. It consists in rehabilitating the agricultural paths, planting hedges, digging ditches for water management and creating an agricultural irrigation system. In May, thanks to the Cœur Vert project, the plain will have taken on a new aspect.

The work now under way follows on from the boring operations, and the clearing and preparation of the agricultural land carried out since 2013 as part of the first phase of Cœur Vert. It comprises various work packages, on a total of 57 hectares:

  • Rehabilitate agricultural paths (1.1km) and pedestrian paths (1km), build gates and posts in wood to make them easier to maintain and access (the gates and posts are there mainly to restrict access: the paths are accessible for people with reduced mobility). There are also plans to install sign posts;
  • Plant hedges along the paths (2 hectares) to provide ecological continuity, mainly with the agricultural areas and the Hautil wood to the north;
  • Dig a protective ditch around the perimeter and install plants for eco-friendly water management.

Agricultural irrigation work is also being carried out on 24 hectares. This involves creating networks to carry the water and allow sprinkling, and building the associated facilities such as the pumping station, the “buffer” tank and the connection to the well bored in March 2013. Maize will be sown on the irrigated land straight away. Miscanthus will be grown at a later stage, in May 2015, on 14 hectares of land.

While the hedges are being planted, there are plans to run an awareness-raising operation with the children attending the Carrières-sous-Poissy day-care centre on 26 March.