Field visits to the Parc du Peuple de l’Herbe with students

© CG78

© CG78

At the end of March, the departmental council organised field visits to the Parc du Peuple de l’Herbe for students. The visits were intended to give an insight into the concept of the park, its ambitions, characteristics and inclusion in the Life+ SeineCityPark project.

The first field visit was organised on 19 March with Master’s students studying management and business development in the landscaping sector at the TECOMAH school. They were able to get to grips with the park’s planning principles, gain insight into how to lead a project of this scale and discuss the ecological work and environmental challenges. The presentation was commented on by employees working for the departmental council.

As part of an examination, the departmental council was contacted by the agricultural and horticultural secondary school in Saint-Germain-en-Laye to carry out a second field trip on 26 March with students studying for a vocational training certificate in landscaping.

Supervised by their teacher, employees from the Yvelines departmental council and a site manager, the students were introduced to the concept, the landscaping and ecological orientation of the park as well as the role it plays in safeguarding biodiversity. This enabled them to gain a better understanding of the developments and scale of the work to be undertaken.