Parc du Peuple de l’Herbe: innovative construction techniques

ppdh04Along with the initial landscaping work which was set in motion last autumn by the Yvelines departmental council, work on building the Maison des Insectes and Observatoire is continuing at the Parc du Peuple de l’Herbe. Following the earth moving and foundation work, the first pre-fabricated modules are currently being put up. This modular approach to construction harnesses new building techniques. Architects designed the Maison des Insectes and Observatoire using simple, pre-fabricated frames which can be erected quickly, thereby minimising the duration and disturbances of the worksite. Timber is the main material used, albeit in a variety of ways: glued laminated timber for some frames, cladding for sides of the Observatoire, or used with glass and polycarbonate for large windows of the Maison des Insectes… All of the facades were designed based on the “standard” dimensions of timber panels to avoid any wastage. Whilst the Maison des Insectes will be elevated 130cm off the ground using specially adapted foundations, the Observatoire, perched 12 meters above the ground, will look over the park. The effects of wind on the steel frames have indeed been taken into account thanks to the use of porticos and braces, some of which are visible and others are tucked away in the walls.