Parc du Peuple de l’herbe: 2016 sees the third and final part of the landscaping work


The department of the Yvelines is in charge of the landscaping work in the Parc and has now embarked upon the third and final phase of the work (marked in mauve on the map above). The work got underway in January and will be completed in December 2016.


The earthworks on the active strip (walking platform) are now underway and are designed to allow the creation of a cycle path and pedestrian walkway in this area.

Sporting activity area
There will still be a sports and open air field to the east of the Vieille Ferme pond and it will be backed up by the creation of terraces on the active strip embankment.

A total of more than 2,500 trees, young plants, saplings and shrubs will be planted across the Vieille Ferme pond area (active strip + natural area).

Development of the banks of the Vieille Ferme pond
The south bank of the pond is currently under development – the aim is to create a gentle slope and a pier stretching out into the water, and around 50,000 aquatic plants will be planted there.

Development of the fauna
There will be a dedicated raft to allow terns to nest and a green raft will be installed for other bird species.

Walking and observation areas
Two pontoons will be built on the pond, and will allow anyone to come in and observe the aquatic area at first hand.