And the Green Heart?

Phase 1

The hedge maintenance contract continues in its first phase with late inter-row grinding planned for the fall.

Phase 2

The first design study is going into effect for the second phase of the Coeur vert/ Green Heart, on a 150 ha surface (about 370- acre), in the cities of Triel-sur-Seine and Chanteloup-les-Vignes with the opening of a multidisciplinary competition “Ergapolis.” This multidisciplinary competition brings together last-year students from diverse specialties (urbanism, agronomics, architecture, economics, sociology) so they can work on projects for public sector contractors.

To respond to the project call from the urban community GPS&O, they will work on phase 2 implementation solutions, integrating the present agricultural activity and the biomass sector’s developmental objectives. They will consider the phytoremediation and ecological continuum issues as well the urban transition issues with both existing urbanized areas and urbanized areas in process.