Live from the Park…

Park Friends Bring the Site to Life

On June 20th, the Association des Amis du Parc Départemental du Peuple de l’Herbe des Yvelines (AAPDPHY) organized a nature activity for young students. Fifty kindergarteners and second graders from the city of Carrière-sous-Poissy participated. Using a fun, educational approach, both activity leaders from the Ville Verte association shared their knowledge about the park’ s fauna and flora. The teaching team and parents accompanying the group, along with the two AAPDPHY members, were also able to enjoy this rich morning of discovery and sharing with the children.


Success of the outdoor movie’s session

On Saturday, August 27th, 450 audience and family members watched a free movie projected on the giant outdoor screen at the Parc du Peuple de l’Herbe. The screening of “Penguins of Madagascar” was organized by the Conseil Départemental des Yvelines in partnership with the city of Carrières -sous-Poissy and the urban community, GPS&O.
The park was part of “Les Yvelines font leur cinéma,” an event that took place from August 19-30 at 23 different Yvelines locations.