Regarding Cœur vert / Green Heart …

Progress report on the Ergapolis interdisciplinary competition

The last days of work are fast approaching for students involved in the Ergapolis competition* who are working particularly on the direction the future renovation phases of Cœur vert/Green Heart should take.

The reviewing board for the works was scheduled for 11th May in the presence of representatives of communities from the urban community Grand Paris Seine & Oise, the metropolis of Rouen, as well as from the Île-de-France region, the Préfecture of the Île-de-France region, the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency), and the company in charge of the Grand Paris (Greater Paris) project.

The goal is to shortlist a team of “winner” students among the 3 teams established in November 2016.

The prize giving ceremony is scheduled for 18th May.

* Ergapolis is a multidisciplinary competition that aims to create synergies and a common sustainable development culture among students with complementary disciplines in the field of urban development: town planners, architects, engineers, economists, sociologists, geographers and landscape architects.
By associating students to our society’s projects – building with and for them – they put their knowledge to use and are driven to be professionally autonomous. Schools and universities work together and develop true inter-institutional cooperation for the benefit of the youth. Local and territorial authorities are endowed with new visions and ideas which enable them to work on their public procurement and to launch invitations to tender.