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And the Eco-Port

Following the plans for staggered land release, “PRO” project studies currently being completed will lead to the provision of an information file for consultation by businesses at the end of 2017. Dredging, the redevelopment of the riverbanks and the harbour entrance, land improvement and the construction of a working quay for shared use are all […]

New for Eco-Port Project

Soil Study A 2015 campaign to identify soil materials revealed a large heterogeneity of sub soils, most notably those with micro-cavities that will necessitate draining as well as consolidation techniques by using mandrels. The sediments in the port, partly impacted by hydrocarbons, will have to be filtered and sent to an adapted treatment facility. Fauna […]

Ecological Monitoring News

Since 2014, ECOREM has regularly monitored the entirety of Life+ SeineCityPark’s projects. The last monitoring took place in May 2016 and different observations were made. (Relatively) Rare Bird Species Observed on Sites The Common Linnet Female, a vulnerable species, and the Northern Wheatear, a near- threatened species, were spotted on Life+’s project’s site. The Common […]

Close-up on pedestrian and ecological paths in the Eco-port

The development of the Eco-port will eventually provide a means of linking the two sections of the towpath located on both sides of the harbour basin by going round it and crossing the harbour to join up with Chemin du Bois des Grésillons to the south and Chemin des Moines to the north, thanks to […]