Ecological Monitoring News

Since 2014, ECOREM has regularly monitored the entirety of Life+ SeineCityPark’s projects. The last monitoring took place in May 2016 and different observations were made. (Relatively) Rare Bird Species Observed on Sites The Common Linnet Female, a vulnerable species, and the Northern Wheatear, a near- threatened species, were spotted on Life+’s project’s site. The Common […]

Parc du Peuple de l’Herbe News and Events

Butomus Umbellatus About to Flower Again This remarkable aquatic plant has become endangered in the Île-de-France region. The Yvelines Department, already working on the preservation of the park’s protected species, is about to implement a management plan that will encourage the development of this flowering rush growing on parts of the Vieille Ferme pond’s banks. […]


Water birds find shelter at the Parc du Peuple de l’herbe

On 17th January, as part of the international Wetlands agreement, water birds were counted by volunteers from the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux (LPO – Bird Protection League) and the Centre Ornithologique Île-de-France (CORIF – Île-de-France Ornithological Centre), on the Vieille Ferme and La Galiotte ponds and eight species were listed. Amongst others, great […]


Cœur Vert et Life + SeineCityPark at COP21

The Cœur Vert et Life + SeineCityPark projects were shown off to the best possible advantage on the Île-de-France region’s stand which was part of the Espaces Génération Climat (Climate Generation Spaces) at COP21, on 5th December 2015. These presentations also took place at a day of events dedicated to the social solidarity economy, aiming […]