Regarding Cœur vert / Green Heart …

Progress report on the Ergapolis interdisciplinary competition The last days of work are fast approaching for students involved in the Ergapolis competition* who are working particularly on the direction the future renovation phases of Cœur vert/Green Heart should take. The reviewing board for the works was scheduled for 11th May in the presence of representatives […]

Live from the park…

Join us on Facebook The park now has a Facebook page: World Wetlands Day On the occasion of the World Wetlands Day, the Ornithological Centre of Île-de-France has allowed four classes from the city of Poissy to discover waterbirds at the Parc du Peuple de L’herbe this past 2nd February. Using binoculars and a telescope, […]

Inauguration of the Parc du Peuple de L’herbe on 24 June

After undergoing several years of renovations initiated by the Département des Yvelines and the urban community Grand Paris Seine & Oise, the Parc du Peuple de L’herbe is officially opening its doors in Carrières-sous-Poissy. Nestled between the Seine River and nature, come and discover one of the most extensive sensitive natural areas in the Yvelines […]

Ergapolis Multidisciplinary Competition Launch

Ergapolis is a competition to create both synergies and a common culture for sustainable development among students coming from different disciplines, who are the city’s future actors and builders. Ergapolis calls for a reflective study on the sustainable city’s new issues. The 7th season of the multidisciplinary Ergapolis competition began its second phase on the […]

Ecological Follow Ups

Since 2014, ECOREM has performed regular ecological follow ups for all Life+ SeineCityPark’s projects. The following observations have been made: Pond raft efficiency The installation of green floating rafts on Galiotte’s pond has proved fruitful as swans nested there in May 2016. Both planned rafts for the Vieille Ferme pond have been installed. Ecological follow […]